Oh, Canada!

A Franchise Opportunity Just Outside Your Door

Hey there! We see you're looking into starting a MaidPro in Canada and we’re glad you came to us. On top of all the great benefits MaidPro has to offer, here’s why MaidPro is the best bet for your Canadian territory:

Open Territory

Unlike a lot of other franchises, MaidPro has great territory options available in Canada. Our Franchise Developers will work with you to ensure your custom territory is built for success.

Canadian Vendors and Canadian Dollars

We have built up a team of Canadian specific vendors ensuring that you are getting the most value and service for your dollar. We also charge in CAD so no currency exchange is needed.

Peer Performance Groups

Regionalized Peer Performance Groups were established to provide a venue in which owners can share best practices, improve key metrics, and increase profitability for their businesses.

A Growing Brand

As MaidPro’s community continues to grow around North America, so does our brand identity. When you join MaidPro, your voice as an owner is heard and your opinions will help shape the future of the MaidPro name.

Community Franchise Advisory Boards

The Community FABs are topic specific Boards consisting of a representative group of franchisees. Each Board will meet periodically with the management of MaidPro Franchising to share ideas, crystallize priorities, review plans, and discuss other matters of common interest. The purpose of the Boards is to add to the MaidPro Home Office's standard communication with all franchise owners - through the implementation of a robust and open group feedback process.

Watch Our Canadian Owners

An investment that fits your budget

  Initial Franchise Fee Additional Working Capital Total Estimated Initial Investment*
CostInvestment Initial Franchise Fee$55,000 CAD Additional Working Capital$57,560 - $72,800 CAD Total Estimated Initial Investment*$112,560 - $127,800 CAD

*These figures are taken from MaidPro’s Canadian FDD, Section 10, issued February 2022.

Our Owners Speak!

I love being a brand pioneer! MaidPro is incredibly reactive and responsive when we come to them with ideas or concerns, and we’re able as franchisees to help shape the current and future direction of the company every single day. Every office is different and unique, yet we’re all dedicated to helping one another and bringing the MaidPro experience to our clients, from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, to the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. It’s an extremely Canadian way to do business, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

Dave Buckler
MaidPro Airdrie, Calgary SW, Oakville Burlington, CA

Notice: This quote was recorded prior to our retaining Mr. Buckler as our representative to assist us in growing MaidPro in Canada.

As soon as I walked in the doors of the MaidPro Home Office I knew I had found something special. The support and individual attention everyone has given me has allowed me to develop the best business possible for my market.

Jonathan Shelson
MaidPro Thornhill, CA

Joining Maidpro helped us to accelerate our growth and brought a top level of professionalism to our service delivery.

Matt and Tanya Hazelwood
MaidPro Annapolis Valley, CA

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