Why Home Cleaning?

Business as Lifestyle

Striking the balance between work and, well, everything else isn’t easy. It’s either the corporate life of 24/7 or industries that eat up nights and weekends, making vacations—if you get one—hardly relaxing. You’re just trying to recover. So imagine a business, your own business, that gives you a normal workday, that lets you take actual time off and enjoy your life, to travel and really live. A home cleaning franchise does just that.

I have a great work-life balance with my two daughters, and really love my family time on weekends.

Lily CarsonMaidPro FranchiseeChesapeake, VA

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Benefits of the Home Cleaning Industry

How does home cleaning offer so much flexibility and freedom? It's a combination of the industry, the type of service, and the way we structure business operations.

Steady, recurring revenue

Most of our customers have their home cleaned every week or twice a month, all year long. This provides a very steady revenue stream which reduces worry and allows better planning.

No inventory or perishable food.

In the home cleaning business, you never have to deal with stocking inventory or keeping food from going bad. Not only do you have less overhead, you have less stress and less work.

Free nights, weekends? Yes, please!

Unlike other service franchises, this is a business for people who want to have free time and enjoy it with family, friends, or just by themselves.

Affordable start-up costs

Compared to other industries, a house cleaning business is a downright deal. Similar income potential at a fraction of the cost.

Low Competitive Risk

Unlike a retail or food business, a competitor opening next door won't affect your business. You go to your customers, and that personal relationship inspires trust.

A product always in demand -- Time

Time is really what you’ll be providing your customers. Your service will free people to pursue what they want. And more free time will never go out of fashion.



Home Cleaning is All Pro, No Con

There's so much that's great about the home cleaning industry, especially when you compare it to other industries. Few businesses can offer you this kind of flexibility and ease of operations at such a reasonable investment.

Start-up Costs
Initial Construction Costs
Recession Resistance
Income Potential

Home Cleaning

Workdays Weekdays But totally flexible
Start-up Costs Low
Initial Construction Costs Low
Inventory Low None perishable
Territory Large Go to your customers!
Recession Resistance Strong
Revenue Recurring & Stable
Income Potential Very Good

Food Service

Quick Service or Restaurant

Workdays Nights & Weekends
Start-up Costs High to Very High
Initial Construction Costs High to Very High
Inventory High Perishable
Territory Single Location Close competition
Recession Resistance Poor
Revenue Occasional Seasonal
Income Potential Very Good

Gym or Spa

Fitness or Massage

Workdays Nights & Weekends
Start-up Costs High
Initial Construction Costs Medium to High
Inventory High Costly equipment repair
Territory Single Location Close competition
Recession Resistance Moderate
Revenue Recurring & Stable
Income Potential Very Good


Various Products

Workdays Nights & Weekends
Start-up Costs High
Initial Construction Costs Medium to High
Inventory High Constant turnover
Territory Single Location Close competition
Recession Resistance Very Poor
Revenue Occasional Highly seasonal
Income Potential Very Good

With everything a home cleaning business offers, ultimately, I love that we're really helping our clients have more free time in their life.

Michelle SpitzerMaidPro FranchiseeNaples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, and Sarasota, FL

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No Fads. No Gimmicks. Just Growth.

Fads come and go. That hot food franchise or fitness craze won't be so hot in a few years. What hasn't changed in decades is the chore of cleaning your home. The average family spends almost ten hours each week cleaning—most of that time is stolen from weekends. As our lives continue to become busier and busier, time is a commodity for which people are willing to pay. You can see, then, why the home cleaning industry is booming.

30 Billion Dollars*

The market for home cleaning is massive. Couple that with MaidPro's proven systems and success is really only a question of your own hard work and dedication to the business.

33% Growth by 2025*

The market for home cleaning franchise services is still largely untapped, leaving considerable opportunity for entrepreneurs to be part of this growing market.

* According to a 2021 report from Statista, a market data firm.

I see opportunities everywhere and plan to open up more locations in different parts of the country.

Jesse ZookMaidPro FranchiseeCollegeville, PA

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