DublinSEO Keys in on MaidPro

September 01, 2017

DublinSEO, a leader in search engine optimization, recently featured MaidPro's Director of Digital Media, Hugh Barry, in their recent article, "Google Adwords Tips 2017 - Top 21 Experts Weigh In." The piece provided 21 tips on how companies can improve their search engine optimization and increase their growth. Check out Hugh Barry's tip below!

1. Bidding by device type. It’s important to be looking at your clicks and conversions by device type. Depending on your business service/product and demographic, results may be better on traditional computers. However, in more urban areas where the average age is younger, mobile is likely to outperform computers as a device.

2. Custom landing pages. When running a PPC keyword specific campaign, building custom landing pages for each keyword can be a huge advantage. Also, by creating custom landing pages for PPC traffic, you can design the pages for what your goal is. If you are seeking to get the visitor to fill out contact info form, you might want that form to be the primary focus of the page. Have some supporting content, but it’s likely they just want to get a quote – make filling out the form easy!

3. Keyword match types. When entering the keywords you want to show ads for, you have several choices to choose from. These include broad match, modified broad match, phrase match, and exact match. I recommend starting a new campaign with modified broad match. However, you want to look at what is called the actual search queries at least once a month. By reviewing the actual search queries, you will see keywords you want to add as negative keywords. Typical examples of good negative keywords to add are “free”, “cheap”, “picture”, etc.

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