MaidPro Cleaning 'PRO' Celebrates 20 Years with Company

February 21, 2019

Celebrating success! The MaidPro Boston office recently had their longest working PRO, Regina, retire after almost 20 years of service! Richard Sparacio, President of MaidPro, sat down with Regina and asked very insightful questions about her time with MaidPro.

She stressed that the important thing that kept her with MaidPro was her work. The combination of her love of cleaning and great relationships with her clients was why she continued to work here as long as she did. She also touched on the dignity of work. While the job brought about great and not-so-great days, she knew she had her family to support.

No matter what, she came into work every day with determination for that reason. The power that has for all of us as individuals transcend what role we play in any work environment.

Thank you Regina, you are one of a kind. Good luck in your future endeavors, we've enjoyed these last 20 years! - MaidPro Family

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