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April 24, 2018

MaidPro featured by WBTV in article, "Here's What to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Company." Check out the article below or click here to view the video!

By Kristen Miranda, Anchor

There are certain household chores that some of us just don’t like to do. For many, cleaning tops the list.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would just come in and do it for you? Unfortunately, that seems like a luxury few of us think we could afford. Still, we wanted to see if it is possible and if so, what do we all need to ask before we hire someone to clean?

“Even people who have time to clean, if you have free time who says I really want to clean today? Nobody," Amy Blanchard said. Blanchard and her husband own a MaidPro franchise in Charlotte.

They say potential customers want to know about two things: how much a cleaning service costs and what security procedures are in place to be sure a home and everything inside is safe.

Let’s tackle cost first.

“We do a custom estimate based on square footage, time, and the cleaning needs of the home,” Dryw Blanchard said.

In fact many companies will customize your clean. If you hate cleaning the bathrooms, they’ll only clean the bathrooms. Pricing does vary by company, though. It is typically based on square footage of your home and the time it takes to get through the house. You’ll want to call around for estimates.

Perhaps more important is what the Blanchard’s say you need to ask about safety and security.

“Other than your doctor, this is the most intimate relationship. You’re in their home touching everything they own,” Dryw Blanchard said.

He says you need to ask whether a company conducts an extensive background check on employees. That should include criminal history and driving history, and may include fingerprinting.

He says you also want to ask whether a company is bonded and insured, meaning do they carry workers compensation and liability insurance?

“If a company doesn’t carry it and something happens while they are working in your home, you as the individual are liable for an accident and that worker could come back to you and make you responsible for hospital bills and lost wages,” Dryw Blanchard said.

Finally, ask whether the cleaners are trained to know what cleaning solutions can be used on certain surfaces and ask about the pet policy. If pets will be home while the cleaning is being done, you want to know your furry family members will be well-treated.

Mica Sorkin lives in Charlotte and says he and his wife hired a cleaning service for the first time eight years ago. “It was like getting hooked on something, we could not stop using them,” Sorkin said.

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