MaidPro's Chief Cleaning Officer, Melissa Homer, Featured in 2 Articles by My Domain

July 26, 2019

1. How to Clean Your Grill This Summer

Cleaning your grill might be up there with making an appointment for a dental checkup—you know you need to do it, but who really wants to? But by not pulling out the scrub brush, you increase your chances of getting a foodborne illness (if there’s crud on your grates, meats and seafood may not cook evenly or all the way through), plus you risk a fire if your drip trays are filled with flammable fats. “At a minimum, you should deep clean your barbecue at the start of each grilling season, but if you’re a grilling junkie, don’t go longer than two to three months before your next deep clean,” says Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro.

2. 11 Overlooked Spots You Need to Clean This Summer

You consider yourself an all-star house cleaner. Dust bunnies under a bed, muck on a stovetop, soap scum on tile—you've mastered it all. But even the most vigilant house cleaners can overlook spots in their homes that need cleaning, areas that could have serious consequences if not addressed. "Built-up lint in your dryer and creosote in your chimney can cause a house fire," says Melissa Homer, the chief cleaning officer at MaidPro, "while soiled kitchen sponges can spread foodborne pathogens." Now that we have your attention, it's time to put these 11 items on our summer to-clean list.

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