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May 19, 2020

My dog loves this vet-approved bed — here's why yours will too. This fluffy bed is bound to be a hit with your pet. By Colleen Sullivan • See Full Article Here

I slept with earplugs for many years thanks to my dad’s incessant snoring. I promised myself I would never marry someone who snores, and thankfully my husband barely makes a sound while he sleeps. In the early years of our marriage, I slumbered in a noiseless and peaceful environment — until someone new entered our bed.

Our puppy, Gidget, arrived in a pink basket one Easter morning 13 years ago, and we made the mistake of immediately allowing her to sleep with us. Like so many Shih Tzus, Gidget has an elongated soft palate and a short and flat muzzle, which results in nasal stuttering and gasping while she sleeps. Unfortunately, her breathing — and tossing and turning — kept us up most nights.

Our vet confirmed her bedtime vibrations were normal for her breed and gave us tips and strategies to get Gidget out of our bed. However, we were just too tired at the end of the day to apply her practices.

Restless sleep became our norm, until the day I discovered a game-changing product while researching a story about how pet owners can keep a tidy house.

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