MaidPro Adventure Trips Featured in Boston Globe Article

January 30, 2019

The Boston Globe shined the spotlight on MaidPro’s Adventure Trips in a recent feature article in the prestigious newspaper’s Top Places to Work series.

Titled “10 Creative Perks Companies Are Using to Tell Workers They’re Valued,” the Globe article by Sarah Shemkus focuses on specific engagement practices that some of the top employers in Massachusetts are using that their employees love.

MaidPro Franchise Corp. was named a Top Place to Work for 2018 by the newspaper in November. The list is based on surveys completed by employees of companies throughout the state.

MaidPro’s Adventure Trips offer both its franchisees and home office employees unique opportunities to explore new places and have fun together, while at the same time participating in activities that make a positive difference in the world.

In 2017, for instance, a MaidPro group, which included CEO Mark Kushinsky, spent 10 days in Peru, participating in once-in-a-lifetime activities in the Amazon Rainforest and Machu Picchu. As part of the trip, the group also visited with and delivered donations to children at the Shama Center orphanage in Lima.

Trips like this not only offer employees unique experiences, but help to create bonds between employees and franchisees, and serve as a recruiting incentive, according to brand manager, Madeleine Park. She told the newspaper that the trips really pay off for MaidPro. In her quote in the Globe, she said: “There really is a significant return we see from it in terms of the building of the community.”

Michelle Spitzer, a MaidPro franchisee out of Florida, also shared her thoughts on the Adventure Trips with the Globe. She was quoted in the article: “They’re an opportunity to visit some places I never would’ve been able to experience. They’re absolutely incredible.”

MaidPro’s first Adventure Trip was a hiking and camping adventure in the Grand Canyon, including whitewater rafting down the Colorado River in 2011. That was followed by trips to Belize in 2013 and the British Virgin Islands in 2016. The company has planned for the next Adventure Trip to take place in Croatia later this year.

“They’re an opportunity to visit some places I never would’ve been able to experience. They’re absolutely incredible.”

Michelle Spitzer, MaidPro Franchisee

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